The sun is shining and the children in Reception have been taking full advantage of their outdoor Maths area☀️ ➕➖ 🔢 The children have been practising their addition skills and writing some super number sentences!


They also used CAD to plan their designs


Year 6 have done an amazing job with creating mechanical toy prototypes.


We have our first arrival!! 🐥 We are so eggcited!!!


Year 4 have started designing their own sculptures based on Nikki de Saint Phalle’s creations. They are looking forward to painting their sculptures on Friday! 🎨


Year 2 have been busy applying their DT skills to create their own playground prototypes this afternoon. Well done everyone! 👏 They look fantastic! 😁


Reception are super excited this afternoon with their delivery of chick eggs!🐥 The children cannot wait for them to hatch 🐣. Our top rule is NO TOUCHING.


As part of mental health awareness week nursery have been taking part in a variety of wellness activities. They spent time learning about rainbow breathing, listening to the environment and thinking about what makes them happy with the glitter jar ✨


Our HPAK chicks and ducks have arrived. All safe in their incubators. They are due to hatch on Wednesday. Thank you Incredible Eggs for this eggcellent opportunity! 🤭 teehee.


Some Year 2 children loving their reading and lost in their books.


Bonne chance to some of our Year 6 pupils who are starting their French DELF A1.1 exams today. Madame Scott is very proud of your hard work! 🇫🇷


Year 2 are having fun this afternoon making their bug hotels!


Thank you to Charu for his amazing cello playing for this morning’s assembly. You were fantastic.


Year 1 spent time talking about what to do if they feel sad or lonely. We then wrote something that makes us smile. What makes you feel happy? 😁


🎶As the sun has shone this week, here at Kenley the reggae music has been out in force. The children have been singing, ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley and The Wailers. Why not sing along... “Don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright.”🎶


This week Year 4 were learning about a passing technique with a baton. This was quite challenging for some and it would be great if they were able to watch a relay race to understand passing skills better.


Last week Nursery were learning all about Eid celebrations. They had an amazing time decorating hands with henna, having a party and eating food to celebrate 🎉


In science, year 3 were learning how to interpret data into graphs. After completing their food diaries, children grouped their diet into the main food categories. The results were then plotted onto a graph. 📊


We absolutely love Community Champions here at HPAK. Reception have made their own family trees and the rest of the school have fully embraced this months theme of ‘Family’ too! Stay tuned for our special family display. We can’t wait to show you!


Year 4 have started to read a new book in their English lessons - FArTHER. Reflecting on the theme of the book, they discussed their own dreams and aspirations about their future. Now ask someone in your family about their dreams and aspirations!

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Scott Evans is a primary school teacher from South Wales who loves to read. He believes that every child can be a reader, and should experience the self-discovery and joy of reading, which means finding the right book for the right child at the right time.

As a child himself, he didn't read much fiction and he favoured non-fiction instead. However, he thinks this can be explained because of the lack of choice, variety, promotion, representation and awareness of children's literature out there compared to how it has vastly improved today - twenty years later.​

He believes we are currently living in a golden age of children's literature. However, with all this choice comes greater responsibility in ensuring that the choice is the correct one.  Therefore, he has created his website to help children, parents, schools and teachers to get to know the books that will help their children to discover a love of reading.

He reads, reviews and recommends a range of children's literature on his website and YouTube channel, both called The Reader Teacher which are designed for teachers, schools, parents and children to find the best books.

Before training as a teacher, Scott Evans worked in local libraries and is passionate about the importance of school libraries. Scott has previously appeared on and written for the BBC discussing ideas on how to encourage a love of reading and raising children as readers.

He has worked with organisations such as Waterstones, BookTrust and Literature Wales, as well as with many leading and independent children’s books publishers to produce resources for teachers to use in the classroom.

Scott has also been a judge on the panels for the Blue Peter Book Awards, the Laugh Out Loud Book Awards (Lollies), the Branford Boase Award; the Read for Empathy Collection and the Wales Book of the Year Award.

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