Year Two have had a fantastic time this term creating collages using a variety of materials.


Year 1 had a great time 'visiting Scotland' and wrote postcards telling their family about what they saw!


Year 1 had an amazing time making patterns with paint that they will use for their own collages! 🎨


On Thursday, Luther King class designed prototypes of gingerbread houses.


Today Luther King Class investigated moon craters to discover whether the angle or speed of impact varied the size of crater. To replicate the Earth's surface we used flour, with marbles replacing meteoroids.


In French, Year 5 created some fantastic family trees as part of their Home Learning projects.


1 Mandela have enjoyed using their creativity in DT to create chairs using different resources! Here is one made from lollipop sticks and clay


NiceSmile will be taking individual and sibling photographs throughout tomorrow & Tuesday. Please ensure that full school uniform is worn.


Another busy week ahead at ! •Monday and Tuesday: NiceSmile Individual and Sibiling Photographs. •Tuesday and Thursday: Nursery - Year 6 Parents Evening.


Some photos have been tweeted for you to see.


Today, Year 6 had lots of fun. We finished off our project: creating our own islands, drawing the landscape and features on them and designing our own rules, flags, national anthems and curious animals. In addition, we played many games. The chess matches are to be continued...


Year 6 had a fantastic time at PGL.


PGL will be returning this afternoon. Traffic dependant, children will arrive at the Co-Op for collection at 2.20pm. Thank you 😊


Group Two loved Jacob’s Ladder.


Group 1 had a great time in the Giant Swing too!


It’s a very foggy morning here at PGL but Group 4 had great fun on the giant swing.


Groups 1 and 3 took part in orienteering this morning 🧭


Group 3 spent the afternoon buggy building. They had a great time.


🎈Happy Birthday to Jake and Jemima! 🎂 They’re excited to use their fast passes today on the Giant Swing, when orienteering 🧭 and at lunch time 🍽


Group 3 enjoyed Jacob’s Ladder this afternoon.

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Miss M Dupe (KS1 HLTA)

Mrs S Stoneman (Teaching Assistant)

Miss S Lawrence (Teaching Assistant)

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Miss R McCombe (Teacher)

Mr A Harrison (Teacher)

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Mrs C Ellis (Teaching Assistant)

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Miss K Arthurs (Teacher)

Miss A Brussard (Teacher)

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Mrs M Kan (Teacher)

Miss M Morrison (Teacher)

Year 5 Team

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Mrs K Gibbs (Teacher)

Ms J Tringham (Teacher)

Ms C Sarosi (Schools Direct)

Year 6 Team

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Miss S Buck (Lead Practitioner & Teacher)

Mrs G Piper (Teacher)

Ms K Slatford (Schools Direct)

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Mrs K Rowland (KS2 HLTA)

Mrs C Pollington (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs A Habgood (Teaching Assistant)

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Mrs D Scott (French)

Mr J Makison (Sport & P.E)

Miss I Selley (Musical Theatre)

Mrs L Wright (SALT)

Midday Meals Supervision Team

Mrs D Dupe (Lunch Manager)

Mrs S Fitzpatrick

Miss A Werezsczuk

Mrs S Ramsey

Wrap Around Care Staff

Mrs D Dupe

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Mrs S Fitzpatrick

Miss A Werezsczuk

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