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*GIRLS COME FREE FRIDAY!* 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿To celebrate the reaching the final of the European Championships and to to show our continued support to growing the womens game, we are offering a FREE day at Summer Camp for all girls this Friday!


Three fantastic winners for our ‘build your own car’ DT competition! Well done to everyone who took part, it was so difficult to chose the winners ✂️


Some wonderful entries so far in our ‘build a toy car’ competition! Reminder that Monday 18th July is the final day for entries 🚗 shout-out to the wonderful DT ambassadors for coming up with such a fun challenge for our school! Please give any final entries to Mr Hunter 😁


Year 4 enjoyed preparing healthy toppings for their pizza base. They have their dinner sorted for tonight!!! 🍕🍕


Today is the start of our HPAK Sports Days: KS1 this morning, KS2 this afternoon and EYFS tomorrow morning. Please send your child into the academy wearing their HPAK PE kit and bringing with them a sun hat🧢, water💧and suncream🧴.


We had a great evening too, !


🇫🇷Year 5 enjoyed a morning of French story telling. They listened and took part in two traditional tales entirely in French!


💻 In computing this term we have been getting creative. Some topics include: Simulations, text adventures, designing 3D games, creating pictures, making music and many more.


Year 4 enjoyed their practical lesson about symmetry. They used a mirror to find the line of symmetry on objects and shapes.


Year 6 completed their mechanical toys in DT today. We have learnt new skills such as sawing and drilling. We’ve spent time refining our measuring skills. 🪚


This Friday (8th July), HPAK will be taking on in a community rounders match. We look forward to seeing children, parents and carers at the event to support our HPAK teams. ⚾️


Yesterday, Year 5 enjoyed their field trip collecting primary data of the local ecosystem.


Year 4 have been learning about properties of 2 dimensional shapes. How many different 2-D shapes can you find at home? For example, a clock face is a circle, your TV could be a rectangle.


Year 1 got to meet Rufus- the long legged Buzzard.


Year 2 have made their playground prototypes.


Joe’s Bows have arrived at HPAK. Year 1 are in for street today.


Year 4 are really developing their cricket skills. Today they focussed on bowling and the ‘long-barrier’ technique. 🏏


Our 30 Days Wild Picnic is underway and we are having truly wild time!


Year 4 have been learning about the positive and negative impacts humans have on the environment. The children were amazed at how much litter was found on the school premises! We talked about the importance of practising the 3 R’s in our daily life (reduce, reuse and recycle).

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Head of Academy Miss A Bryson
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Mrs N Sullivan (Office Manager)

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Mrs B Nwosu (Receptionist)

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Mrs S Jeffries (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs D Dupe (SEND TA)

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(Mary Seacole)

Miss H Bonney (Teacher - Maternity Leave)

Ms D Elliott (Teacher - Maternity Cover)

Miss J Pittard (Teacher)

Mrs C Ellis (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs J Salter (SEND TA)

Year 2

(Anne Frank)

(Helen Keller)


Miss E Filewood (Assistant Principal & Teacher)

Miss S Buck (Teacher)

Madame D Scott (Teacher)

Mrs S Stoneman (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3 

(Emmeline Pankhurst)

(Malala Yousafzai)


Mr B Hunter (Teacher)

Mrs L Slawikova (Teacher)

Madame Scott (Teacher)

Ms H Marshall (Schools Direct Student)

Miss S Lawrence (SEND TA)

Year 4 

(Stephen Hawking)

(Katherine Johnson)

Mrs R Anilkumar (Teacher)

Mrs A Grimwood (Teacher)


(Mahatma Gandhi)

(Martin Luther King)

Mr S Porter (Teacher)

Ms V Stubbs (Teacher)

Miss V Craciun (SEND TA)

Mr E Camara-Ewane (SEND TA)

Year 6 

(Tanni Grey - Thompson)

(Jesse Owens)

Mrs M Kan (Teacher)

Mrs K Gibbs (Teacher)

Mrs H Dewan (Schools Direct Student)

Miss V Craciun (SEND TA)

KS2 Support Staff

Mrs C Pollington (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs A Habgood (Teaching Assistant)

Miss C Hoilett (SEND TA)


Mrs K Rowland

Miss M Dupe

Specialist Staff

Madame D Scott (French)

Mr S Morais (Dance & Gymnastics)

Assistant Director Mrs V Forbes
Harris Federation Curriculum Lead Miss S French
Harris Federation EYFS Consultant Ms L Bairstow
Midday Meals Supervisors

Mrs D Dupe (Lunch Manager)

Miss Y Toure

Mrs S Fitzpatrick

Miss A Werezsczuk

Mr O Charles

Wrap Around Care Staff

Mrs D Dupe

Mrs C Ellis

Mrs S Fitzpatrick

Miss A Werezsczuk

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