Where are the Wild Things? …They are in Year One!! Year One are having a brilliant WOW Day celebrating the end of their topic learning.


Years 3 and 4 are enjoying the spring time sunshine during their PE lessons this afternoon. ☀️


Along with all other schools in the country, have joined Operation Encompass. More information regarding can be viewed by viewing the images below or accessing the academy website (


will once again be hosting Easter Holiday Club from Monday 8th April - Thursday 18th April from 9.00 until 3.30pm. For more information on booking & payment options please see the image below.


In French, Year 1 have been learning to count to 10 and can recognise the spellings of the numbers.


Year 6 are battling it out this afternoon on ! The battle is on for the weekend


Year 1 getting in the spirit!


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Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality with being watered and coffee'd and fed. Teachers, staff and children were amazing. A wonderful end to World Book Week. I hope to be back one day. Best wishes Andy


📖 What a wonderful end to our World Book Week. An amazing day filled with an assembly and storytelling workshops led by ! 📚 📖 We’re glad you love our library as much as we do! 📚


Year 4 had a great day exploring at Hever Castle today! 🏰


⚽️ Good luck to our football team, who are playing their second match of the week against Kenley Primary. ⚽️


Year 1 enjoying World Book Day yesterday!


⚽️ Well done for a great win against Christchurch. ⚽️


It's VE Day, we're getting ready to party! Year 5 are celebrating VE Day before their return to this afternoon!


Year 5 have spent the morning learning about the war from the men who lived through it whilst on their residential trip to Lincolnsfelds.


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Do you have a Co-op membership card? You can support ’s PTA by selecting them as you chosen Local Community Fund by clicking on the following link


📚 Author Ed Wicke will be book signing in the Studio between 3.15-4.00pm today (05/03/19), please come along. 🖊


Year 5 are preparing themselves for a day living off of rations!


Year 5 have successfully made their beds and are ready for an afternoon of 1939 style learning.


Our Year 5 evacuees have arrived and the sun is shining, life in 1939 is good so far!

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