🌟WOW🌟 We have already had so many amazing application forms handed in for our new Subject Ambassador roles. We cannot wait for more to come in over the course of the week.


Year 3 have been learning about sustainability and different types of renewable energy. Can you find out your carbon footprint?


In Science, Year 4 are learning about the sound system. Today, they enjoyed using a sound meter to record the volume and pitch of different instruments at varying distances. Can you describe the investigation to your parents?


We’re so lucky at HPAK; the River Bourne runs through our academy grounds. Today in Y2, we learnt about hills & valleys in geography so we took advantage of our surroundings. We looked at the river that runs through the U-shaped valley & the hill (Riddlesdown Common) to the side.


In our English lesson in year 3 we practiced our interview skills. One partner was E. Shackleton recruiting a crew member for his Antarctic expedition on the Endurance - asking questions. The other partner was answering questions in role of the prospective crew member.


In year 3 today we investigated different types of soil. Children learned about the different layers of soil (humus, topsoil, subsoil and bedrock) and their contents.


Today, we shared a very exciting opportunity with our children in Yr4, Yr5 and Yr6. 💫Subject Ambassadors💫 The children have all been given the opportunity to apply to represent one of 11 subjects in this new role. We can’t wait to receive the applications forms!


Year 2 have really enjoyed making a shop in computing today. 💻🛒


🇫🇷 in EYFS, Coco is helping us to speak French. We can introduce ourselves and say how we feel. 🗣


Year 5 are learning about life in Anglo-Saxon England this term. They enjoyed exploring the crime and punishment process of the period and also learning about the different types of punishments.


In Year Two, the children have prepared for painting by tracing simple lines from a painting by our focus artist, Georgia O’Keefe. 🎨


Well done Karl! 🌟 What an amazing skill to learn for our Community Champions theme of inclusion!


🎶MUSIC- KS2 are now a few weeks into learning the skills of playing a musical instrument. Why not ask your child what they have learnt so far. Did you play any instruments at school? 🎶


We are continuing our spreadsheet learning throughout the academy. We are proud of the work our children are producing!


Congratulations to all our budding poets from Year 3 who were published in the poetry book below. We are very proud of you.


Year 4 are exploring Ancient Rome this term. They learned what BC and AD means and were able to sequence the key events of Ancient Rome correctly.


Year 4 explored a section of the work of Morandi (background and colour). They enjoyed creating tone to a colour by adding grey and tint by adding white.


Don’t forget to bring in your projects for our month of January. Our theme is inclusion and you have so many to choose from!


In science, Year 1 investigated the materials the three little pigs used to build their houses. We found that brick was definitely the best because it is strong, waterproof, easy to use to build a wall and colourful.


Year 2 are practising running stitches before making there bendy bags in a few weeks time. 🪡🧵🧶👜

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