🌟We are so excited to see all of our children back in the academy tomorrow!🌟 Here is a reminder of the start and finish times and the gates to be used in the mornings.


Here are a few tips to help your child settle back into school if they are feeling anxious.


Year 4’s reading area is ready and waiting for the children on Monday morning...we’ve lots of new books for you to explore! 📚 We’ve reset the reading track and can’t wait to see how many books our children will read over the rest of the year! 📚


Welcome home, welcome Come on in, and close the door You've been gone, too long Welcome, you're home once more (Chorus - 'Welcome Home' by Peters and Lee)


Year 1’s beautiful new reading corner! Fit for royalty 👑 great job Miss Hessell and Mrs Stoneman!!


📚 We have created some new reading displays around the academy and can’t wait for the children to see them next week!📖 👀 Some have already had a sneaky peek…


Today is the last day of the Harris LinguaChef competition. Remember to upload your photos/recipes before 5pm!


A reminder of the start and finish times and gates for Monday. 🌟We are so excited to see all of our children back in the academy!


📚At , we love reading everyday, not just on As we were unable to share this special day together, & this is an event we love, we will be celebrate on Friday 12th March. Have you got your costume ready?!?


👽👽👽This afternoon in Reception, the children were busy creating their alien collages. They had great fun in sharing their own ideas with their friends. What would you call your alien, if you found one on the moon?🌙


🐻🐻#NMURPHY#🐻🐻 We are having fun riding the bikes with our special guest Mrs Dupe Can you guess who is having more fun?


🌟🌟We are looking forward to seeing all our children back in the academy on Monday. 🌟🌟 See below for a reminder of the the start and finish times for the academy day.






💥Traction Man is here!💥He is wearing new outfits designed by Year 2. He is ready for anything now! We wonder what his next adventure will be...


Retweetd From Harris Federation Chinese

😋The deadline is this Friday so get cooking and enter ! Check out some of the competition from students at 😋

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Staff at Our Academy

Position Name
Head of Academy Mr S Palmer
Assistant Principals

Mrs G Piper

Miss E Filewood

Mrs B Johnson

Admin Team

Mrs K Mulvey (Office Manager)

Miss M Ahiah (Admin Officer & Receptionist)

Miss C Swan (Finance Officer & Office Admin)

Mrs B Nwosu (Receptionist)

Ms N Magurie (EWO)

Business & Premises Team

Mrs H Ekoku  (Business Manager)

Mr K Bull (Site Manager) & Mr S Boateng (Site Staff)

Nursery Team

(Jill Murphy)

Mrs A Grimwood (Lead Practitioner)

Mrs S Siddiqui (Early Years Educator)

Reception Team

(Enid Blyton)

(Julia Donaldson)

Miss E Filewood (Assistant Principal - Early Years Lead & Teacher)

Miss J Whitmarsh (Lead Practitioner & Teacher)

Mrs S Jeffries (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs A Habgood (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs J Salter (Teaching Assistant)

Year 1 Team

(Nelson Mandela)

(Mary Seacole)

Mr B Hunter (Computing Lead  & Teacher)

Miss E Hessell (Teacher)

Miss M Dupe (KS1 HLTA)

Mrs S Stoneman (Teaching Assistant)

Year 2 Team

(Helen Keller)

(Anne Frank)

Miss B Budd (Teacher)

Miss S Lewis (Teacher)

Miss M Dupe (KS1 HLTA)

Mrs C Ellis (Teaching Assistant)

Miss S Lawrence (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3 Team

(Malala Yousafzai)

(Emmeline Pankhurst)

Miss M Morrison (Teacher)

Mrs C Sarosi (Teacher)

Mrs R Anilkumar (Teacher)

Year 4 Team

(Stephen Hawking)

(Katherine Johnson)

Miss S Buck (Maths Lead & Teacher)

Mrs J Cretney (Teacher)

Mrs G Piper (Assistant Principal & Teacher)

Year 5 Team

(Martin Luther King)

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Ms J Tringham (History Lead & Teacher)

Ms R Fernado (Teacher)

Year 6 Team

(Tanni Grey - Thompson)

(Jessie Owens)

Mrs K Gibbs (Art & Design Lead & Teacher)

Mrs M Kan (Science Lead & Teacher)

KS2 Support Staff

Mrs K Rowland (KS2 HLTA)

Mrs C Pollington (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Wegrzynek (Teaching Assistant)

Specialist Staff

Mrs D Scott (French)

Mr A Hannachi (Sport & P.E)

Mr S Morais (Musical Theatre)

Miss M Maguire (SALT)

Midday Meals Supervision Team

Mrs D Dupe (Lunch Manager)

Mrs S Fitzpatrick

Miss A Werezsczuk

Mr O Charles

Wrap Around Care Staff

Mrs D Dupe

Mrs C Ellis

Mrs S Fitzpatrick

Miss A Werezsczuk

Mr O Charles

At Harris Primary Academy Kenley there are teachers, teaching assistants and learning mentors as well as our premises team, support staff & administrators.

All of our staff are primary specialists and we work together to promote the core values of the Academy and make sure that our children are consistently safe and happy.