Year 1 enjoyed redesigning their puppets. They included extra design ideas for how they will improve their puppet this half term 🐯🐻🐝


🥁After learning about and watching Kenyan drumming, Year 2 had a go at using the drums!🥁


Year 1 have been making and decorating ‘animal’ themed puppets!


Year 1 have enjoyed creating clay monsters over the past two weeks! Very creative 😁👹


✂️Year 2 are DT superstars! They have made the next addition to their playgrounds by creating a slide structure.✂️


##🐻NMURPHY🐻## Last week was a big celebration of Eid al-fitr for our Muslim community and to celebrate with them, we had a big party today! We went to visit our Head of Academy to share a delicious meal 😋


📏Year 2 have been practising their measuring skills by using non standard measurements. They measured their pencils, their learning and even each other! 📏


Today, Reception made their own dens to keep out the Big Bad Wolf 🐺 Can you tell what our topic for this term has been? 📖


##🐻NMURPHY🐻## Although the weather looks like the Autumn term, it does not stop us to get our hands in the mud to dig and plant our flowers, fruits, vegetables and sunflowers seeds! We are looking forward to see the sunshine and eat some yummy 😋 strawberries 🍓


⭐️Look at the incredible swings that Year 2 have made! We can’t wait to show off our finished playgrounds!⭐️


🐜🪲 Year 2 had so much fun this week in Science. They went on a bug hunt! They collected data on how many of each insect they found in our new forest school.🐞🕷


Year 1 enjoyed creating some monster themed clay pots! 👹


We’ve had a very busy start to the week in Year 4! On Monday, we started to make our art sculptures! We can’t wait to see why they look like when they’re finished.


In computing, Year 2 have been exploring how to make music. Today we experimented with different sounds and how to put them together.


In Art, Year 1 enjoyed adding texture to clay tiles in preparation for making a bowl! 🎨


Year 1 enjoyed dissecting a fish and using a magnifying glass to examine fish bones! 🐟🧑‍🔬



Year 5 have done an amazing job completing their computing 3D design unit to a high standard. They created nets, added & moved points on a side view and changed polygons to make packaging for a gift. Here are some examples of their work.


WOW! We are really proud of Reception Blyton class for singing and writing the spellings of the tricky word song. Mr Palmer was so impressed, that for the first time ever, he gave every child in the class a Head Teacher sticker! ⭐️


In French 🇫🇷, Year 5 have created posters about different planets of the solar system. 🌍🪐

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Catering Information & Useful Links

Catering at HPAK

The lunch catering service is provided by Chartwells, part of the Compass Group. Chartwells are a well-established and experienced school caterer. The service is provided under contract with Harris Federation. 

A typical lunch-time food offering.

Allergies and food intolerances

Chartwells never use nuts or any products containing nuts as an ingredient within their food offer but may carefully use products with a ‘may contain’ declaration for nuts. All pupils suffering from a nut allergy should complete HPAK Academy Medical information.

If your child requires a special diet provision as a consequence of allergies or intolerance, you should download and complete the Medical Diet Request Form and return it as per the instructions. It is vital that you provide medical evidence of allergies/intolerances. It can take up to three weeks to process your special diet application and prepare a specific menu.

To view the Parent Guide for Chartwells Medical Diets, please click here. You can also view a Medical Diet letter to parents from Chartwells by clicking here.

Here is a link to the Eatwell Guide (from Public Health England) – This provides a useful overview of what food groups make up a balanced and healthy diet.

Here is also a link to the NHS Change4Life guide - This provides a useful overview with healthy lunchbox ideas and food swaps. 

Don't forget, if your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 then they can get their lunchtime meal free of charge as part of the universal infant free school meal!

Your child may be entitled to free school meals. Even if your child does not wish to eat free school meals, but is entitled to them, it's worth applying because for each child entitled to free school meals the Academy could receive funding to help with tuition, resources, coaching and extra assistance. Find out if your child is entitled to free school meals by accessing this link. The meal value is £2.24.

Chartwells Food Super Heroes

Chosen by over 25,000 Chartwells children – our Food Super Heroes are there to educate, excite and delight students every lunch time. Inspired by the high street, they're great for getting across nutrition messages at an early age through each character’s special powers. We’d like the characters to become well known to you too, so when your child mentions Sadie the Sweetcorn you’ll know exactly who they’re talking about!

Food Super Heroes are a cast of colourful characters who really come to life at lunchtime - It’s all part of feeding both your children and their imaginations.

Doc - The Kiwi knows just what the team needs to keep on top of its game. She helps our heroes stay healthy by boosting their immune systems and preventing illness.

Boss - The leader of the team, Boss the Banana’s fibre helps keep everything running smoothly. When our team gets stuck, the Boss is always around to get things moving again.

Brains - Packed full of iron to help growing minds work better, Brains the Broccoli is always on the ball to hatch perfect plans for the team.

The Pasta Pack - They are an unruly bunch, each with their own unique personality. Their wholegrain powers make them passionate with strong hearts, and they’ll stop at nothing to defend the team.

Sadie - Sadie’s an eager explorer who travels the world and loves to share stories of her exciting adventures. Sweetcorn is full of good stuff and can help you feel fuller for longer - which means less time snacking on bad stuff and more time to enjoy good stuff like exploring!