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Art and Design

“Every child is an artist.” 

Pablo Picasso


At Harris Primary Academy Kenley, we are committed to providing all children with the learning opportunities to engage in art and design. Children see before they speak, make marks before they write, build before they walk but the children’s ability to appreciate and interpret these things is influenced by the quality of their art, craft and design education. That is why art and design has been integrated into our broad and balanced curriculum so that we can teach it to a high standard. The quality of art and design is seen as a key contributor to the provision of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural values of our academy.

We believe that visual arts enable children to become visually literate and allow children of this academy to imagine and express themselves artistically and creatively. We believe it is important to equip children with the knowledge, experience and skills to create pieces of art that is both inspiring and engaging. Art and design can signpost career pathway to creative, cultural and heritage industries as well as a creative subject. Visual arts form a part of creative industries that are expected to continue to expand. We want every child to have these opportunities and to become more inquisitive about the world and their environment. We want them to see and use their imagination and understanding and express visually how arts have shaped our history, how it is currently viewed and how it will shape their future.

In Art, the children will learn about a skill or an artist, produce an idea for their final piece, create it and then evaluate it. The children will gain various skills by being exposed to different art media throughout the academy e.g. printing, sculpture, painting, weaving, drawing and collage. The curriculum has been revised so that it is be fully inclusive of all of the changes in the new National Curriculum.

HF Curriculum Lead - Miss S French

HPAK Curriculum Lead - Miss S Buck

HPAK Art & Design Lead - Miss E Hessell